Jewellery Care


Inka Jade jewellery has been handcrafted with love and with the hope that you or the receiver will cherish it for decades to come. In order to see it last, please ensure you follow these basic guidelines:

  • Remove jewellery when bathing, swimming or washing your hands (rings etc.)
  • It is also recommended to remove jewellery when exercising or carrying out heavy lifting or any other strenuous activity
  • Avoid contact with chemicals, moisturisers, perfumes and any other topical lotions
  • Some pieces may be more delicate than others and as such please be mindful of appropriate occasions to wear different items 
  • Avoid over bending or adjusting your jewellery, this can weaken the bonds in the metal over time


You can gently wash your jewellery with a very mild soap and may also use a soft bristle toothbrush as required. A sunshine / silver cloth works well to shine up your item if it becomes dull over time. 


Gold vermeil is a layer or gold, bonded to a base of sterling silver. Our gold vermeil uses a quality 3 micron thick coating of 22ct gold. Gold vermeil can be prolonged by storing the jewellery in an airtight container or ziplock back when not in use. Please also avoid contact with perfumes, lotions and other chemicals. Ensure you remove gold vermeil jewellery before bathing and avoid contact with chlorine/remove before swimming or entering a hot tub/spa bath. Cleaning should be carried out with a soft 100% cotton or microfibre cloth. Chemical cleaners or gold/silver cloths should NOT be used on vermeil. Gold vermeil will eventually tarnish with time; however, with mindful care, can last and last. You can optionally have your gold vermeil re-plated in the future by professionals. 


The stones used in our designs are ethically sourced and 100% natural. Each stone will therefore have its own natural variations and no two are identical. All care should be taken to avoid abrasive surfaces coming into contact with gemstones in your jewellery. Excessive heat and steam should also be avoided, except in the case of diamonds which can be professionally steam cleaned.


It is recommended that you store any jewellery in the pouch/box provided, or an air tight container or ziplock bag. This helps to avoid moisture and oxidation process and will prolong the life and finish of your jewellery and any precious gems.